Booklist: Starred Review

“Gonsalves’ debut is a pitch-perfect take on what happens when the future you imagined doesn’t live up to expectations, and every misstep seems to unravel the person you thought you’d become.… The struggle of holding on to an old friendship while discovering a new version of yourself should resonate with any reader. This genuinely funny novel about some harrowing topics manages to balance humor and pathos perfectly. Readers who connected with J.J. Johnson’s Believarexic (2015) or Sam J. Miller’s The Art of Starving (2017) will want this book, as will the many John Green fans who crave intelligent stories that occupy both shadow and light.”


“Danny is a likeable character for whom readers will root and hope, and at whom readers may shake their heads as she makes one devastatingly bad choice after another. Gonsalves’s debut novel, narrated by Danny, is as funny as it is painful, and older female readers will both foresee and identify with her struggles.”